How to Feel Successful with Watercolor

Watercolor can be so frustrating at times, so I’ve compiled a few tips. Start with a good sketch.  I heard once that the better the sketch the better the painting will turn out.  I like to sketch to plan out the composition, before drawing on the watercolor paper.  Doing lots of erasing can hurt yourContinue reading “How to Feel Successful with Watercolor”

Which Paper is Best for Watercolor?

There are a few things to consider: the quality of paper, the gsm count(which is another way to weigh the paper), and deciding between Cold/Hot/Rough Press. What will work best will ultimately be preference, but higher quality watercolor paper is usually less frustrating because the paper doesn’t break down or warp as easily. First ofContinue reading “Which Paper is Best for Watercolor?”

What Supplies Do I Need to Start Painting with Watercolor?

You know you want to try watercolor, but you don’t know how? Here’s a start. It will make it easier to get started if you made your supplies easy, inexpensive, and compact. Easy Inexpensive Compact Easy & Inexpensive I started out with hand-me-down supplies that my husband’s grandmother graciously piled into my arms after oneContinue reading “What Supplies Do I Need to Start Painting with Watercolor?”