Adorable and Easy to Put Together Halloween Sensory Kit

These adorable mini sensory kits are perfect for handing out to friends or just enjoying at home.  When Halloween is so uncertain this year and kids might not be able to go get treats from neighbors, it is nice to have something for little ones to look forward to.  I created these little kits with the intention of a having a guaranteed special “treat” waiting for them on Halloween. 

These kits are great for sensory, open-ended play.   With open-ended play, kids can really flex their creative muscles.  They are also able to develop fine/gross motor skills.  They are easy to put together with my supply list and a great gift idea to any little ones in your life!

Here’s the supply list-


Versatile Function:

You can store all the sensory materials in the mess bag or in the cauldron and reuse!  Put together with either the beans or the slime.  If you do mix the two together, make sure to separate later or check the beans before use, because they can go bad when the slime it allowed to be left on the surface of the beans.  You can keep the beans separate by putting them in clear baggies or between the mess bag and cauldron; it depends on your personality and your kids’ personalities.  They can mix, practice scooping with the wooden scooper or slime container, squeeze the slime between their fingers, and play.  Their minds will be engaged and happy!

Check my Instagram @heathersmithcreates for more open-ended sensory and process play!

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