Let me introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Heather. I‘m a mother, painter, student, and creative.

I love to do anything in the arts and I believe there is power in art. Right after I got married 8 years ago, I got a watercolor lesson with my grandmother-in-law. She was awesome!! She helped me make a completed painting, then she loaded me up with old paint tubes, some paper, a paintbrush (which ended up being my favorite for years), and a palette that I still use. She totally set me up! It made it so easy to keep painting. I still ask for her advice whenever I can; she’s so smart.

My creative yearnings didn’t stop there. I started an etsy shop, two years ago I started a master’s program in art education, last year I taught some art classes, then I did something different and something I wanted to do forever-I acted in some musicals! I’m not joking when I said I love anything creative.

Paintings for my sister’s house.
This is a painting for one of visual literacy and visual culture class. My masters has changed my view of art and what we can learn through it.

I have enjoyed these adventures so much. During these adventures I have been honing my watercolor skills and…having three kids. My family is my primary focus and I love giggling with my cute kiddos, and my cute husband.

I have so many ideas for teaching art and love making things for the people in my life. I want to create something for you! It brings me so much joy to make others happy with my art. Along the way I hope to be a creativity advocate and teach whoever is interested in watercolor and kids’ art activities.

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Published by Heather Smith Creates

I have been watercolor painting for 7 years and I'm studying for my masters in art education. One of my favorite things to do is paint, and chasing around my cute kids! If you are interested in original paintings or design work contact me at watercolorbyheathersmith@gmail.com.

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